Posted: one year ago Quote #539

I have a KDL-46XBR6.
* Backlight works.
* With t-con disconnected it stays on and HDMI audio works (for a few minutes at least - got error code 12 after a while).    
* With t-con connected I get a single pixel green line on right side of screen which get brighter until ~15-sec when TV shuts off with error code 14.  Once or twice I got a solid white background on the same right ~20% of screen (even - no fading or variation).

As I understand it, t-con can fail independently or a bad panel can burn out t-con components.   I'd consider having t-con evaluated for repair but want to understand likelihood of panel being source of issue.

Do any of these symptoms point towards source being a bad panel?    Are there simple tests (multimeter) that can be done to identify likely panel failures?